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Department of Geography

I. Section Vision:
The Department of Geography seeks to localize and develop human and social knowledge in society through the development of specialized human resources capable of serving the society and providing students with knowledge in the field of space science in the natural, human and economic fields.
II. Section message:
One of the main elements of the mission of the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Arts is to work towards meeting the objectives of the College, the most important of which is to qualify the student academically and scientifically in a manner consistent with the requirements of the labor market in particular and directly.
The basic functions of the Department of Geography are based on three pillars:
Educational process: To provide an excellent learning environment for students and equip them with science to develop their intellectual level and abilities and make them responsible in the community.
Scientific research: The activation of scientific research through the participation of faculty members and students in the conduct of geographical research and dissemination of knowledge to contribute to the development of the community.
Community Service: Consolidation of relations with the departments of the beneficiary state from the specialization of the department through the provision of basic and applied research and holding seminars and scientific lectures in and outside the department.
The three basic functions in the above work to achieve the following detailed objectives:
To be a student in primary or higher studies with full knowledge of the natural and human characteristics of the Republic of Iraq, the Arab world and the world because of its importance in scientific and practical life.
Directing the student scientific guidance based on the recognition of any geographical phenomenon requires analysis and interpretation and search for the causes and results in the student has the ability to innovate in the interpretation according to its competence.
The scientific staff in the department are working to create environmental awareness among students with a positive impact on the individual and society.
The Department works to consolidate human values ​​through the scientific and human concept of geography, which is the world as an integrated world that complements each other and finds that the variation in the natural and human characteristics of this world has positive returns for all countries of the world.
The Department encourages and works on the field study because the direct observation of the natural and human environment and its vocabulary emphasizes the comprehensive geographical knowledge and anchors it in the mind of the student.
Participate actively with other sciences in addressing the problems facing society, especially the environmental problems that have become one of the most important goals that the society seeks to develop solutions to them.
The department works to create a geographical personality with the ability to touch the facts and communicate them to the student in a spirit based on the practical interpretation of the environment data both natural and human.
Enabling students to understand how to optimize their natural and human resources.
Qualifying students to use scientific research methods and techniques in geographic studies.
The department works to follow the latest developments and changes in the world in its political map according to the contemporary changes because of the impact on Iraq and the Arab world.
To enable the student to understand the geographical thinking of the world and to measure the place of Arab geographical thought to it.
Developing the student’s scientific skills in the field of drawing and reading of maps, aerial and space images and other divisions in order to serve the various geographical studies.
III. Objectives of the Section:
The Department of Geography is one of the departments that works on the rehabilitation of cadres specialized in geography, scientific and geographical research as well as the preparation of cadres and educational institutions. One of the most important elements of the mission of the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Arts is to work to meet the objectives of the College, including the rehabilitation of the student academic and scientific qualification in a manner consistent with the requirements of the labor market. The basic tasks of the Department of Geography are based on three basic pillars of the educational process and scientific research And community service

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