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University of Kufa/ Faculty of Arts holds a symposium about Akadian Poetry

A scientific symposium entitled as (offer system in the Akadian poetry – comparative study) has been hold at the faculty of Arts. The lecturer is Dr. Monther Ali Abdulmalik – the former dean of Faculty of Archeology/ university of Kufa and a lecturer at department of archeology/ Faculty of Arts/ University of Baghdad – with the attendance of the faculty dean Dr. Alaa Hussein Al- Rihimi and the director of the cultural house at Al- Najaf Dr. Rashid Jabar Kashkool and a number of instructors and students on Wednesday, 21/11/2018.

The dean Dr. Alaa Al- Rihimi heads the symposium. The researcher has tackled in his lecture the Akadian civilization and its prominent literary features such as Gelgamish epic before four thousand years by using the cuneiform writing in documenting that civilization. He talks about the important civilization in this field especially the fields of Art. The research includes making a comparison between the words and the Akadian meaning and comparing them with the words that is in the holy Qura’n, as well as showing the similarities between them that assures the origionality and the depth of Arabic language.

The researcher listens to the lecturers interactions that enriched the symposium with valuable information. At the end, the dean honors the lecturer with an appreciation certificate on his efforts in the research, wishing him the best in serving the University and our country.

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