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Mohammed Kadhim

Department of Media

Vision To consolidate the real knowledge of the media and its means and to rehabilitate outputs that integrate into the public service in the Iraqi society. Provide media institutions with specialized staff in the media to work with high professionalism Enhancing the role of the media in monitoring, monitoring phenomena …

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Department of History

Section visions and objectives I. Section Vision: The Department of History seeks to settle and develop human and social knowledge in society through the development and development of individuals’ skills in a scientific and professional manner, and others through the development of specialized agencies in history that take upon themselves …

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Department of Geography

I. Section Vision: The Department of Geography seeks to localize and develop human and social knowledge in society through the development of specialized human resources capable of serving the society and providing students with knowledge in the field of space science in the natural, human and economic fields. II. Section …

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Department of Philosophy

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Department of Philosophy: Section Vision:    Founded the Department of Philosophy in 1991, and draws its message from the message of Islam, as is the message of all the heavenly religions based on mental consideration and philosophical dialogue and dispute which is better, and exchange …

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Department of English Language

Vision :         English language is a lingua-franca that has become the most prominent means of communication and globalization in the modern world. Therefore teaching English  provides English learners with: The ability to stay up-to-date to the most recent scientific developments through activating the students’ skills of reading, analyzing and …

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Department of Civil Society

  The Civil Society Department seeks to consolidate the true knowledge of the society and strengthen relations with civil society organizations in Iraq by upgrading them with specialized staff of the department’s graduates for the coming years. The civil society department contributes to the promotion, protection and improvement of human …

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