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Dean’s word

Najaf is a rich and fertile land for mental and informative arts and sciences. It is the womb of many scholars, writers, thinkers and intellectual elite throughout its historical and cultural depth that has been rooted for more than a thousand year. Since its embracing of the pure and virtuous body of Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuh), his tomb becomes a lighthouse for science, thought and right guidance for many generations of scholars, born from its honoured Hawza. Such scholars were hundreds if not thousands of distinguished personalities and authorities of arts and thought. Their scholastic traces left big marks not only in the Arabic and Islamic domains but even in the wider humanitarian and ethical domains.
It is not surprising that this great humanitarian-cultural heritage has resulted in one of the resorts of knowledge and science in modern Iraq; the honourable University of Kufa, whose scientific and intellectual achievements surpass its existence span of less than five decades. University of Kufa has surpassed its counter Iraqi, regional, Arabic, and international universities.
College of Arts was one the first founded colleges in the university, dating back to 1989. This college started with two departments: Department of Arabic Language and Literature and Department of History. Nowadays, the college has six departments in total: Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Department of History, Department of Geography, Department of Philosophy, Department of English Language and Department of Civil Society, which is the only department in our university and the other Iraqi universities. This ‘’Department of Civil Society’’ is founded in response to the requirements and variables of post April/2003 in Iraq: the urgent need for qualifying the youth to be consciously, scientifically and objectively aware of human rights and public freedom, civil rights, social problems, volunteering, peaceful co-existence and other issues that directly affect the lives of Iraqi individuals and society.
College of Arts has also started the programmes of  M.A. and PhD in Arabic Language and Literature, Islamic, Modern and Contemporary History, Natural and Human Geography, Philosophy, and finally M.A. in English Language and Linguistics.
Within the scope of the plans to develop its academic programmes, College of Arts has presented several studies to establish other departments: Department of French Language, Department of Mass Media with branches such as (Radio and Television, Public Relations), in addition to M.A. programme in Civil Society.
More than 10.000 thousand B.A. students have graduated at this college through all its existence span till 2016-2017. Approximately, 850 students have pursued and completed their postgraduate studies. The college still endeavours to be in harmony with the latest developments and achievements in authentic scientific researching and modern academic programmes in order to build and raise an honourable future for the generations of our beloved Iraq.
Prof. Dr. Alaa Hussein Al-Ruheimi
The Dean