Dean's Word

          History of nations witness that civilized world had reached this stage of development and advancement by considering all sciences and knowledge as one series connected with each other and completed each other. Universities were opined with the colleges of Arts and science, as two main bases on which any university or academic institution is based to care for humanities and the pure and applied sciences. Many people are unaware that all sciences, including the medical and engineering, had been emerged from the human sciences especially philosophy as it is the origin or mother of all science, literature and other human knowledge. Man, at the beginning, contemplated and examined carefully all the things of his environment especially the nature elements and phenomena,  to explain it and recognize its secret. Our heritage, as well as other nations heritage, witness that Man, could not be a scientist without comprehending all his time sciences. The cycle of science and knowledge widens gradually,  following the movement of the human thought, that each one became an independent science or field of science. Hence the need for specialization had emerged followed by a need for the  exact specialization in its branches and items.

       During that  the faculty of arts is going on, with the other sciences and humanities, keeping the balance with time movement, yet society need  more methodological academic efforts in the field of humanities, as well as in the field of pure and applied sciences, to be developed on all levels. So faculty of Arts in the  university of  Kufa attempts to invest humanities to serve society via preparing studies and researches and graduating the pre and post graduates who are specialized in these studies, in cooperation with all state institutions and society to participate in solving the problems that might face the development plans, currently and in future.     


                                                                         Prof. Dr. Aqeel Al-Khaqhany

                                                                                      The Dean

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