Rules and regulations

    The faculty of arts adopts the regulation No. 160 in 2007 relating the faculties` students’ discipline where the most important ones are: - the student should follow the internal rules, regulations and instructions that are issued by the Ministry, Faculty or the University. Avoid affecting the reputation of the Faculty. Avoid all that is against the university behavior. Be restricted to the high discipline and respect towards the Faculty, the deanship and its officials. Avoid any action that may disturb the campus security. Reserve the study kits and the faculty properties. Avoid detriment to the study course in the faculty.  Following the regulations concerning the uniform decided for the students. Avoid prejudice to the religious beliefs, the national unity, the feelings of belonging, or practicing any of the political, religious or social oppression.  Create good relations with the teachers and the students. Keep order and tranquility in the campus. It is not allowed to carry guns in the campus whether licensed or not. Avoid every outrageous and dishonorable act. Keep the cleanness of the faculty corridors and class.

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