A PhD thesis at university of kufa/ college of arts discusses one of the intellectual Imamate schools

A PhD thesis has been discussed at university of kufa / college of arts at department of philosophy

for the researcher Mohammed Riyadh Salman under the title (Method for the deconstructive  Khrassani school – a comparative analytic stud ) on  Wednesday 21 / 12/ 2016.The study tackled one of the intellectual Imamate  schools and its method in the legal and rational recognitions in the light of the dialectal of  the mind and verbal or the center of the conversation and competition  between the religion and philosophy in an attempt to arrive at the truth, the deconstructive  Khrassani school is one of options of the method in the religious intellect and it represents one of the answers about the relationship between the divine and the human and there is specialties for this thing  made it possible to classify the school as worthy of pursuing.

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