College of Arts / Department of Geography Holds a Scientific Symposium about the Environmental Domain and Conduct

College of arts / department of Geography holds a scientific conversational symposium under the title

(The Environmental Domain and Behavior – A Spatial Study in Geography of Conduct) on Thursday, 5/1/2017, presented by the lecturer Dr. Mohsen Abdul Sahib Al-Mudhfer in the presence of the college dean Dr. Aqeel Al- Khakani, the teaching gentlemen and number of students.

The researcher tackled a detailed explanation about his book project that has the symposium title above to cover a new dimension in Iraqi geographical studies that is the conduct dimension within the geography of conduct subject. He discusses varied topics stating with the conduct theory explaining its dimensions, then he explains the difference between area, space and environmental effects. He also makes a comparison between Humans and the other living beings and discusses thoughts movement spatially and its effect in changing the conduct.

At last, the teaching gentlemen ask their questions and make suggestions that the lecturer welcomed and promised to add in his book. The dean college ends the symposium by presenting a  an appreciation certificate to Dr. Al- Mudhfer, thanking his efforts for supporting  the learning process with such valuable information. 

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