College of Arts at University of Kufa holds a Symposium about Achieving Manuscripts

          Department of Arabic language in college of Arts at university of Kufa held a scientific symposium

entitled (achieving manuscripts is revival for culture and a branch for scientific research). Some of the teachers and guests, among them Prof. Saeed Al- Ghanemi and Dr. Hassan Nadhum -the manager of Unisco Chair- and the Dr. Baqer Al-Karbasi –the head of writers union in Najaf- and Dr. Tahseen Fadhel –the head of central library, have attended the symposium. It handles the importance of this cultural legacy and increasing the awareness of students with stating its significance in post graduate study for it is related with the roots of the nation. They are considered a crucial branch for scientific research, specially that Iraq has great cultural legacy. The instructors and students were given certificates of appreciation.

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