A lecturer in the college of Arts composes a book about Sayed Abul-Qhasim Al-Khoo'y

        Dr. Mohammed Jawad Al-Jaza'ry , the lecturer in the department of  history/ college of Arts/ university of Kufa composes a book entitled(  Sayed Abul-Qhasim Al-Khoe'y : his visions and political attitudes).

        In this book, the author deals with the birth of  Sayed Al-Khoo'y in Khoi city in Iran, his rise, his primary study and his emigration to Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf to pursued his study in Al-Hawza. Then he examines his political thought in general, focusing on his opinion upon ( Wilayat al-Faqhih) and his political attitudes towards many of the local, Arab and original events.

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