*Adab Al-Kufa Magazine

Humanities Quarterly Journal, College of Arts, University of  Kufa.

         The Journal had been established in 2008, the first issue had published in January of 200, to be a scientific Journal of Humanities with the International serial No. (19948999). Since its first issue four editor in chiefs occupied this position: - prof .Dr. Abd Ali Hasen Al- Khafaf,   prof .Dr. Hasen Easa Al- Hakeem and Assist .prof. Dr. Alaa Hussain Al- Rehaimy and Assist .prof. Dr.Hadi Abdul - Naby Al- Temimy.

    The Journal aims at diffusing the cultural and scientific awareness in all the Humanities fields as well as publishing the faculty member’s researches for the promotion purpose .Due to its High scientific efficiency; it attracts many researchers from Iraq and out of Iraq. It is Worthy to say that the Journal is issued quarterly, grants the researchers a free copy of the issue that carries their researches.


*Al-Lugha al- Arabia wa adabeha

Al- lugha al-Arabiah wa Adabeha is the second  journal issued by the faculty of Arts, it had been established in 2001,it is a national scientific Journal, it is a quarterly; four issues a year, and if the conditions were exceptional , the issues would be three. The fourteenth issue is under preparing. It submits to the self- financial rule




The instructions of publication in Adab Al-Kufa magazine for humanitarian studies




The instructions of publication in Arabic language and its literature magazine


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