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Ph.D. thesis in the Faculty of Arts discusses the historical writings of the Islamic conquests of Orientalists


The Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa discussed the doctoral dissertation in the Department of History for the student Sajida Abdul Kadhim (the trends of historical writing and its characteristics in the study of Islamic conquests at orientalists).

The researcher discussed in her thesis the clarification of the nature of the Islamic conquests as a humanitarian and religious message, not as portrayed by most orientalists as invasions and occupation. She stated also the classification of orientalist approaches and methods in writing about the Islamic conquest as the subject of Islamic conquests occupied many Orientalists and was at the forefront of what they handled in their attacks against Islam and Muslims.




Department of Arabic Language at the Faculty of Arts holds a cultural symposium on Imam Hussein (peace be upon him)


The cultural committee in the Department of Arabic Language at the Faculty of Arts held a cultural symposium titled "What I learned from Imam Hussein (p) The seminar included a speech by the Dean of the College, Prof. Aqil Al-Khaqani, in which he outlined the immortal march of Imam Hussein, a speech of the Head of the Arabic Language Department, a participation of poets from the Union of  Writers in Najaf, and professors and students from the Department, Through poems and words embodied the spirit of sacrifice and redemption that Imam Hussein (p) and his pure family have.




     The Assistant of Kufa University President for Administrative Affairs Prof. Dr. Mahdi Al-Sahlawi visited the performance of final exams for all students for both studies, morning and evening, at Wednesday 31/5/2017.

The dean of the college asserted that the committee for this purpose is doing well to provide the best service to finish the exams in accuracy and flexibility. Vice-president has also Known the preparations of the final exam. He praised all efforts that helped the exams to finish in ideal conditions and according to the ministry of higher education and scientific research. This facilitated the performing of exams and administrating them in order to reach the wanted objectives.





College of Arts at University of Kufa holds a Symposium about Achieving Manuscripts


          Department of Arabic language in college of Arts at university of Kufa held a scientific symposium entitled (achieving manuscripts is revival for culture and a branch for scientific research). Some of the teachers and guests, among them Prof. Saeed Al- Ghanemi and Dr. Hassan Nadhum -the manager of Unisco Chair- and the Dr. Baqer Al-Karbasi –the head of writers union in Najaf- and Dr. Tahseen Fadhel –the head of central library, have attended the symposium. It handles the importance of this cultural legacy and increasing the awareness of students with stating its significance in post graduate study for it is related with the roots of the nation. They are considered a crucial branch for scientific research, specially that Iraq has great cultural legacy. The instructors and students were given certificates of appreciation.



Work Shop in College of Arts about the Arrangements for the Final Examinations and Preparing the Master Sheet


       College of Arts at university of Kufa held a work shop about the arrangements of final exams for the current year 2016/2017, and about preparing the master sheet, with the presence of Mr. dean of the college Prof. Dr. Aqeel Al-Khaqani and the faculty members. The work shop started with a speech of the dean, handled the preparations for final exam, such as completing the grades of the students and announcing them before the exams. Also preparing the suitable atmosphere in the exams in Ramadan. Dr. Abbas Ajel and Mr. Essam Kadhem have lectured in the work shop about the work of exams committees and the master sheet. They insisted on cooperation giving efforts to achieve them properly.       





An Instructor in College of Arts at University of Kufa Issued a Book in French about the Clash of Civilization


          Mr. Alaa Shattnan, the instructor in English language department at College of Arts who seeks to get the Ph.D degree from Sorborn University in French, issued his mutual book with the Cameroonian writer Ali shangam, entitled (MUSULMANS ET NON-MUSULMANS PEUVENT-ILS VIVRE ENSEMBLE) in French. The book handled the concept of clash of civilization and repercussions of  terrorist attack on Islam in west and east and accusing it as the rejecting religion for coexistence with other celestial religions. The book replied to that accusations by clarifying the leniency of this religion to know the soul of this true religion. It tries to undo the confusion that happened on the contemporary image of Islam.    




A lecturer in the college of Arts composes a book about Sayed Abul-Qhasim Al-Khoo'y

        Dr. Mohammed Jawad Al-Jaza'ry , the lecturer in the department of  history/ college of Arts/ university of Kufa composes a book entitled(  Sayed Abul-Qhasim Al-Khoe'y : his visions and political attitudes).

        In this book, the author deals with the birth of  Sayed Al-Khoo'y in Khoi city in Iran, his rise, his primary study and his emigration to Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf to pursued his study in Al-Hawza. Then he examines his political thought in general, focusing on his opinion upon ( Wilayat al-Faqhih) and his political attitudes towards many of the local, Arab and original events.


A Researcher from the college of arts submits a study about reformation and renewal in the contemporary Islamic thought

      The researcher, Anwar Kadhim Mahdi Al-Shami , M.A student/ department of philosophy/ college of arts submits a research about(reformation and renewal in the contemporary Islamic thought, Mohammed Hussain Fadhil-Allah as example) on Monday 31th/ 10/ 2016.  

             The committee chairman  of  the scientific committee is Prof. Dr. sami Shaheed Meshkoor/ college of arts/ University of  Kufa.  Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khudair/ Al-Mustansiriyah university is  a member.   Prof. Dr. Ne'ama Mohammed Ibraheem/ college of arts/ University of  Kufa is a member  and a supervisor in addition to a number of the other Iraqi universities. The researcher deals with the role of Mohammed Hussain Fadhil-Allahin the movement of  reforming and renewal Islamic thought, and how he had affected the renewal movement in the religious speech, he was interesting on purifying the religious thought from superstitions and heresy. The researcher also referred to a number of the opinions of Mohammed Hussain Fadhil-Allah such as renewing the traditional idea upon woman to grant her rights in society construction.   




A researcher in the college of Arts submits  a study about the interaction between poetry and speech in the term of the five crafts

        The researcher, Islam Farooqh Easa ,  Ph.D. student in the department of Arabic language, submitted  a study about ( the interaction between poetry and speech in the term of the five crafts, the Alawy speeches and ancient poetry as example) on Thursday 27th/ 10/ 2016.

        The committee chairman  of  the scientific committee is Prof. Dr. Shakir Hadi Abbood/ University of Qhadisiyah.  Prof. Dr. Aqheel Abdul-Zahra Mubder is  a member and a supervisor.   Prof. Dr. Ne'ama Mohammed Ibraheem/ Islamic philosophy is a member in addition to a number of the university of Kufa and other Iraqi universities. The researcher attempts to connect the Arabic language and its literatures with another close science which is logic in the terms of the relation of the logical crafts with poetry and prose which is one of the important ancient and modern subjects which had studied by the critics, rhetoricians, philosophers and logicians during the past centuries, as one of the main issues that collecting theology with literature.


A Scientific Legation from the Iranian Universities Visits the College of Literature in the University of Kufa.

       Prof. Dr. Aqheel Abdul-Zahra Mubder, dean of the College of Literature in the University of Kufa received a scientific Legation from the Iranian universities:- University of Tehran and Al-Imam Al-Sadiqh university on Sunday 30th/ 10/ 2016 to hold an international periodical conference about Imam Hussain ( P.U.H) between the university of Kufa and the two universities previously mentioned, on the middle of the next month. The discussions were about reception a group of the great researchers from international universities to deliver specialized lectures under this title, knowing that the main topics of the conference emphasized the human, cultural and intellectual aspects of the revolution of Imam Hussain as well as its intellectual results.


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