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Quality Assurance Unit and University Performance

The unit of Quality Assurance and University Performance is one of the main administrative units in the College of Arts that is related to the head of quality assurance, the college dean, which comprise quality assurance representatives from academic and administrative departments in the college. The unit aims to spread a quality culture and following up the achievement of the college aims in assuring quality and university performance through constructing the vision, mission and goals of the college increasing the reliability of its graduates and to apply the standards of quality assurance in the higher education and scientific research and serving the society. Quality assurance became one of the main issues in education on the world level. The leaders of higher education are seeking to exert more efforts to improve the educational programs aiming to improve the educational outlet and the quality of the graduate to meet the needs of the workplace. The College of arts is one of the important colleges in the society for the great nu0mbers of students that graduate from this college in various specialties; Arabic, English, Geography, History, Philosophy and Civil society.


Main Tasks:

-         Following up the work of the academic and administrative departments in the college and filing periodical reports to the Department of Quality assurance in the University.

-         Preparing necessary procedures and policies for fulfilling the tasks of the unit.

-         Evaluating the work of the departments in the college and determining the weaknesses and strengths and the interaction with the local society as well as presenting the suitable propositions for improving its performance.

-         Working on a complete program for improving the performance of the teaching and administrative faculties.

-         Devising a complete program for internal, comprehensive and self-evaluation for the various programs and activities of the college.

-         Encouraging and following up the training, scientific and administrative programs for the employees in the college and its departments in the field of quality assurance.

-         Representing the college in the concerned institutions related to quality assurance.

Lecturer Dr. Mustafa Kamil Ottman

A Ph.D. holder in Hydrology

Quality Assurance and University Performance Unit Head



Shadha Hasan Jasim, Senior Statistician 

Administration and Economics BSc/ Department of Statistics/University of Salhuldin

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