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About Faculty

The College Mission, View and Aims


       Here, in the University of  Kufa, the descendant of the intellectual and civilized glory, which lies in the middle of the distance between Al-Kufa Mosque and Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (p.u.h.), the College of Arts stands as an icon of science, literature, thought and culture. It enriches the path, with the other humanitarian sciences and knowledge in a balanced way in the light of the course of time and the development of those sciences and knowledge, as the society needs scientific methodological efforts in humanitarian specialties as well as pure and applied sciences, in order to develop it and elevate its status on all levels.   The history of the nations and peoples is a proof of the fact that the civilized world reached this point of development and sophistication only after considering all sciences, arts and knowledge as a continuum in which all parts are integrated and related to each other It should not be missed that all sciences, including medical and engineering ones, were born from the womb of the human sciences, especially from philosophy, which is the origin or the mother of sciences,


Arts and human knowledge. Early Man first began to Consider things around him, especially the elements of nature and its phenomena in order to explain them and know the reason behind their existence. As it is known, for our nation and the other nations, a person cannot be regarded  a scholar unless he is acquainted with all branches of knowledge in his time. Then, the space of those sciences and knowledge began to increase, with the human thought movement and its development, until it became sciences and arts by themselves, hence, the need for specialization in those sciences, knowledge, arts and their branches began to increase.


      The college of Arts in Kufa University seeks to employ  human sciences in society service through preparing studies and researches as well as graduating  students to be specialized in those sciences in cooperation with government institutions and society to participate in solving the problems that possibly  face the plans of development, whether they are related to the present or the future. 


      The college of Arts graduated, since its establishment in 1989, more than seven thousand students from its six academic departments; the Arabic Language, the English Language, Civil Society, Geography and Philosophy. Efforts are being made to establish a Media department which is hoped to be inaugurate during the next year.


         As for post-graduate studies, they were established in 1992-1993 for both masters and doctoral degree in the Arabic Language, History and Philosophy.In 1998-1999, master study started in the department of Geography and followed by doctoral study in 2008-2009. The number of students in both levels of study reached more than 600. The college publishes two refereed journals; “Adab Al-Kufa” which is specialized in humanitarian studies, and “Al-Lugha Al-Arabia Wa Adabuha” which is considered to be the only academic journal at the level of Iraqi  Universities dealing with Arabic and its literature. The college of arts has a large library that contains more than thirty thousand books, more than eighty manuscripts and more than two thousand periodicals.  The college also has laboratories in the Department of English language, maps and GIs labs in the Department of Geography, video hall, modern electronic library, internet unit and translation unit.   






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