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College of Arts Holds Its Scientific Conference on Occasion of Centenary Anniversary of Foundation of Iraqi State

Under the slogan (The Iraqi State in a Century: The Controversial Relationship between the Past, Present and Prospects of the Future) the College of Arts at the University of Kufa held a scientific conference on the occasion of the first centenary of the foundation of the contemporary Iraqi state from (1921) to (2021), in the presence of the President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Yassir Lafta Hassoun and Dean of the College of Arts, Prof. Alaa Hussein Al-Rahimi along with a group of college professors and academic and social figures.  In the opening speech of the conference, the President of the University has praised the efforts and endeavors made by the College of Arts to document and celebrate the national heritage and to devote scientific and research efforts to record the history of the country and benefit from the study of the events it went through. Prof. Lafta has added that the study of history casts a shadow on the present and helps in understanding it and foreseeing the future, indicating the importance of studying history in taking lessons and referring current and future problems to their roots in the past, as well as enriching the scientific library with studies that constitute a basic support for researchers from inside and outside Iraq seeking to study Iraq’s heritage and history. The event is also concerned with highlighting many spots of the history of the Iraqi state, starting with its establishment and the crowning of the first king, passing through the republican era and the subsequent revolutions and coups, and ending with the post-2003 era and the events surrounding it. It is worth to mention that the conference will last for two days, with the participation of a number of researchers from various Iraqi universities. Their research dealt with various topics, including the emergence of political parties in Iraq, the foreign policy of Iraq in contemporary history, the position of the major powers regarding Iraq’s entry into the League of Nations, water problems with neighboring countries historically, the Kurdish issue and other topics.

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