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Adab Al-Kufa Publishes Paper on Visual Station between Al-Hariri and Al-Hamadhani

Adab Al-Kufa Journal, which is issued by the College of Arts at the University of Kufa, published a joint research by Dr. Hussein Mohammadian, an assistant professor at the College of Arts and Humanities, Nishapur University, Iran, and Dr. Mustafa Mahdavi, associate professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, at the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Knowledge / Al-Hakim Sabzwari University of Iran, entitled Al-Maqama Al-Basri between Al-Hariri and Al-Hamadhani: An equilibrium study. Maqamat al-Hariri and Badi’ al-Zaman al-Hamadhani are among the most prominent examples of artistic prose in the Abbasid era that explain the story of the behavior and actions of two fictional characters in the name of Harith bin Hammam and Issa bin Hisham as the narrators of these stories, and Abu Zaid Srouji and Abu al-Fath Iskandri as its heroes. Al-Maqama Al-Basri is one of the Maqamat that has a common title in both places, and it describes the events that take place in the city of Basra for the characters of the story. This research aims to use the descriptive analytical method to study these two denominators in a way that balances and study the commonalities and differences between them. The research aimed to show the commonalities and the differences between them, and through it we evaluated the influence of the two Maqamat writers, i.e. Hariri and Hamadani, from the other. The results of the research show that the mosque and al-Murbad played an important role in the artistic prose of the shrines, and by balancing these two shrines, it is possible to study the different views of Hamdani and Hariri.

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