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Adab Al-Kufa Journal Publishes Study on National and Bilingual Identity

The Kufa Arts magazine, which is issued by the College of Arts at the University of Kufa, published a joint research by Assistant Professor Dr. Raed Obeis, College of Arts, University of Kufa, and Professor Dr. Ramla Khudair, College of Education, University of Kufa, entitled: (National and Bilingual Identity: Questions in the Experience of the Displaced). And thinking about the questions contained in the research, it provided a brief answer to the displaced person’s perceptions of the nature of his presence in an environment that we can call “incubator” or eligible for incubation, due to the commonalities from which he proceeds to go to such an environment, and the factors of enhancing identity and rapprochement on the basis of which have prevailed over Language factor as a barrier to social integration. This means that sectarian or national identity exceeded many considerations that prevent social integration, before the entry of ISIS and the occurrence of the problem of displacement, and this is what actually happened when the Sunnis from Anbar and other Sunni areas entered Karbala or Baghdad, and then embraced them and extended a helping hand They have according to these motives, meaning there are transgressions that occurred, and language, traditions, customs, and sectarian intersections were behind the emergence of many Iraqis who embraced the displaced on the basis of the principle of national partnership, and thinking of a collective identity, without any of the above. Components in which politics provided a sectarian and alienating charge, but the common awareness helped to achieve a kind of social harmony.

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