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Paper on View of Relationship between Identity and Culture is Published in Adab Al-Kufa Journal

Adab Al-Kufa Journal , which is issued by the College of Arts at the University of Kufa, published a joint research by Assistant Professor Dr. Abd al-Hadi Salehi Zadeh, and Assistant Professor Dr. Seyyed Muhammad Hussein Miri, from the Department of Islamic Knowledge at the University of Khuzestan for Agricultural Sciences and Iranian Natural Sources entitled: (A view of the relationship between identity and culture with focus on religious identity). The process of social change in our time has become so deep and rapid that it has posed a serious challenge to the identity that represents the most authentic area of ​​human life. The focus of some of the prevailing views in the modern world, such as globalization, is on union and the elimination of cultural differences and definitions, as it leads the world to extreme homogeneity, and the negative human being is the most important impact of this movement. This led to the issue of the identity crisis in the face of the Islamic system of thought, which in itself has an independent anthropology and cosmology. The identity crisis is undoubtedly one of the most important social damages of our time, and its symptoms can be clearly seen at the international level and in all social, cultural, economic and political relations. Although the intensity of these changes was not at one level, there is no region that has not been affected by their effects and consequences. This research aims to analyze and redefine the concept of identity and culture, highlighting their important elements for studying the types of identity and the human relationship with culture and identity, and examining the dimensions of religious identity in religious sources through text analysis.

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