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Adab Al-Kufa Journal Publishes Research on Similes and Representations in Holy Qur’an

Adab Al-Kufa Journal, which is issued by the College of Arts at the University of Kufa, published a joint research by Assistant Professor Muhammad Jafari, Assistant Professor Fribers Hussainjanzadeh Sarsti and PhD student Hussain Barati submitted by the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Islamic Azad University of Iran / Kashmir Branch entitled: (Similarity and Representation in the Qur’an Generous). The Holy Qur’an contains well-toned and melodious prose, filled with the most effective proverbs and the strongest similes. The best language that can explain rational knowledge and moral concepts to all people is representation. Representation in terms of expressing secrets and revealing facts, presents the imagination in the form of truth, and presents the imagination with certainty. Representation has an effect on the hearts to the extent that describing a thing alone does not have this effect. Therefore, one of the expressions of the Noble Qur’an is representation. The doctrinal and ethical messages contained in the Qur’anic representations can lead a person to happiness. Most of the Qur’anic representations are from the mental type to the perceptible type, because this type of simile, through the similarity between the mental meaning and the tangible thing, embodies and depicts realities far from the mind of man. In this way, it is easier for a person to understand many religious and mental concepts and leaves the greatest impact on his soul. In this article, after defining representation and simile and expressing their functions, there is an attempt to study the case of some neglected representations and examine their analogical features to understand part of the expressive miracles of the Holy Qur’an.

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