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Faculty of Arts Gives Seminar on Historical References in Mimal Poem by Ali bin Al-Muqarib Al -Ayouni

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa has held a discussion seminar  entitled: (Historical Signs in the Mimal Poem by the Poet Ali Bin Al -Muqarib Al -Ayouni “622 AH”) in which Dr. Isra Ameen has attended, historians agree to consider Arab poetry as a fertile source of history because of the facts, events and what emerges There is a mind, thought, lifestyle and expression of relations in its various political, social, cultural, and economic aspects, in addition to that Arab poetry expresses the moral system among Arabs and Muslims, their virtues and their honor, such as courage, resilience, magnanimity, women Writing poetry is a history archive that can be referred to to know the history of events and individuals. And the poet Ali bin Al -Muqarib is one of these poets who relied on history, so he monitored many of its old and contemporary events, which have gained the poetry of Ibn al -Muqriba’s utmost importance, if his notification became a source adopted by historians to trace the impact of the Chouian state and its princes and perhaps it was the only source of the history of this sensory state, that A state, like the Ayouni state, ruled the region for nearly two centuries of time, we would not know anything about it and its rulers and men and the events that occurred to it had it not been for this Diwan, where it was able to be familiar with all the historical circumstances that surrounded a photographer of many battles, facts and detailed events in its places, characters and facts, as he portrayed the relationship of the state The Abbasid caliphate, and our poet did not lose sight of the depiction of the conflict between the princes of this state and the symbols of the Carmatian movement.

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