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Faculty of Arts Publishes Research on Poetic Introductions in Book (AlTaff Literature)

The Journal of Arabic Language and Literature, which is issued by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa, has published a joint research by Professor Dr. Al-Abbasid as a model), Husseini literature represents a great wealth that enriched the Arab and international library. It is truly a literature that can be classified within the fields of world literature because it carries a human dimension that transcends the narrow limits in which the renaissance of Imam Hussein () occurred, and the reason for this is due to the person of Imam Hussein ( ), and the contents of his renaissance, so the poetry that recorded this incident was colored with a literary color that transcended the limited group and group, so you find it poetry that addressed man as he is a human being in which he addressed the causes of good and love, and raised in it the sources of liberation and the attainment of a free and dignified life.
In this literature, the poetic introductions in the book “Adab al-Taff” represented in the Abbasid era, and I found them diverse in terms of motives, type and content, including the talisman, the flirtation, the introduction to dimension and separation, the description of the spectrum, the description of graying and youth. On Imam Hussein () and his family and companions.

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