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MA Thesis in Faculty of Arts discusses Elusiveness in Political Discourse

The of Arabic Language at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa examined a master’s thesis entitled: (The Marxist Theory of Beauty in Modern Western Literary Criticism from 1920 to 1990 AD) by the student (Muntadhar Jawad Kadhem). The researcher said that he seeks in his study to prove the existence of a Marxist aesthetic theory among Marxist critics through three important axes that started from the cognitive origins of the theory, and then the aesthetic principles adopted by the critics in issuing their critical judgments, to end with the manifestations of this theory in the opinions of Marxist critics, indicating that the study reached A number of results, including that one of the most prominent issues dealt with by Marxist critics is the call to renounce classism, otherwise literature is the monopoly of one class to the exclusion of another class, as it rejects all means of exploiting human energies for free, and grants the full freedom enjoyed by individuals, and the research proved that Marxist critics have given great importance to the literary content at the expense of the literary form, since the content is closely related to the social reality in which the society lives. the aesthetic they were issuing.

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