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Faculty of Arts Examines Master’s Thesis on Rasheed Beiydhoun

The Department of History at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa has examined a Master’s thesis entitled: (Rasheed Beiydhoun 1889-1971, a historical study) by the student Muntadhar Fayez Abbas. The researcher said that Rasheed Beiydhoun is one of the personalities that have contributed to the development and enrichment of society. His works in the social field and his political stances are still mentioned by the Sunnis, despite the passage of more than half a century since his death, and this would not have been possible had it not been for the fact that he was the owner of moral principles overriding interest. Public over personal interests, and he had great social relations that he inherited from his father, Hajj (Youssef Beiydhoun), who worked on their continuity and expansion. He established relationships with many diligent religious scholars, politicians, and dignitaries in Lebanon and other countries, as well as extensive relations with the Lebanese who were in the Diaspora. So that he became the tool of communication between the Lebanese government and immigrants, but on the cultural and scientific level, he established many edifices of knowledge (schools) throughout Lebanon, which contributed to spreading knowledge and scooping among the groups of Lebanese society.

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