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Literature receives a scientific school trip The College

Literature receives a scientific school tripThe College of Arts received a scientific trip for the students of the Pioneers of Peace High School and their teachers. To get acquainted on the field with the College of Arts / Department of Geography. They were received by the scientific assistant, Prof. Dr. Safaa Al-Muzaffar and Prof. Dr. Kamel Hamza Al-Asadi, who welcomed the students and their professors and took them to the Geography Department to see the scientific laboratories. Dr. Kamel Al-Asadi spoke about the mapping laboratory and the importance of maps and their role in geography, then they moved on for the GIS laboratory (Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing), and Al-Asadi also explained the concept of GIS and its importance and the modern technologies used in the field of geography, and the head of the department, Prof. the climate.
Then the students moved to the environment laboratory and were welcomed by Dr. Ayed Al-Zamili, then explained to them the importance of geomorphology, geology, and soil science, and about the inverted separation technique, Prof. Dr. Safaa Al-Muzaffar spoke as a modern integrated system that combines modern and traditional technologies. In the laboratory, the students watched a video reportage about the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Geography. After that, the students moved to the multimedia laboratory, and Mr. Hassanein Al-Taie explained to them about the laboratory, its importance, and the use of modern means and interactive whiteboards.
The last stop of the visit was at the Deanship of the College, where he met Prof. Dr. Sirwan Al-Janabi, Dean of the College of Arts, at the school administration.

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