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Workshop on success in a changing world

The College of Arts, Department of English Language, held a workshop on success in a changing world, in which the student Nour Bassem Muhammad Ali, a student in the fourth stage, evening study, and in the environment laboratory hall, the lecture explained how to achieve success if these circumstances were the student must put before his eyes his goal and strive for it as The guest, Mr. Aqil Razzaq Abbas Al-Hashimi, intervened and explained important points for success and gave many examples and a mission that the audience benefited from. Prof. Dr. Safaa Majeed Al-Mudhaffar also interfered about the students’ capabilities and skills, as he confirmed that all students are smart and have skills, but these skills need to be shown, as Prof. M. interfered. Dr. Hassan Al-Kaabi also explained the ways of success and distinction. In conclusion, the student and the guest were honored with certificates of appreciation

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