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History holds a panel discussion on Sadr City

The Department of History at the College of Arts at the University of Kufa held a panel discussion entitled (Encyclopedia of the City of the Revolution – Al-Sadr currently 1958-2003), in which a lecture was given by Prof. Ahmed Naji, and it was moderated by Dr. Taher Youssef Al-Waeli, Dr. Rabih Haidar, and Dr. Yassin Shihab Shukri.
According to the panel discussion, this city has given the country an uninterrupted gift, despite the hardship of life and the decline in the means of a comfortable life in it. Over the years, she produced stallions in poetry, art, literature, music and sports, and she was a factory in the emergence of leaders in thought, beauty and religion. The panel discussion dealt with a group of researches and stories that talked about the generosity of the people of this city.

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