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Civil society hosts Anouz in a panel discussion

The Department of Civil Society at the College of Arts – University of Kufa held a symposium for Deputy Muhammad Anouz, Chairman of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, entitled: “The role of graduates of the Department of Civil Society in the labor market.” In the presence of the Dean of the College of Arts, Prof. Dr. Sirwan Al-Janabi, his scientific assistant, and students of the department.
Anouz spoke about the importance of the civil society graduate’s role as a social researcher in public life and government institutions. He explained that he has been working for months to prepare a study to clarify the importance of this role for the parties he addressed (the three presidencies, ministries, the Federal Service Council, judicial institutions). According to Anouz, most of the authorities he addressed responded to and expressed their willingness to benefit from the experiences of the graduates of this department.

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