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Round the House Geography

Round the House Geography
Prof. Dr. Safaa Majeed
I live in one of the most wonderful quarters in the City of Najaf, which is known as Al-Makarramah and that lies in the northern quarter of the City, which is beautiful and friendly one  in the proximity of which there is a grocery store adjacent to my  house  makes sure that I  get all my needs fulfilled without having to go far. All my neighbors buy their things from that grocery store only. The grocery store saves everyone a long trip to the market and also their time. I live near the main street, which has many shops and markets, medical clinics, pharmacies and photographers. The two nearest location points to my house within this street is the Adam Market and  The Tigers Photography. A Vegetables Market at a distance of 600m  is located  near my house. Further, near my house at a distance of 300m, there is  a primary school,  intermediary school at a distance of 900m,  at a distance of 1200m there lies  a high school: There is also near many soccer fields. I am thrilled because I live in such a region that offers me  everything, excusing me from the need to get to the city center that is located away from my house about 9KM. Despite that, the neighborhood where I live lacks many services, especially the most important municipal works. Therefore, we aspire in the near future that the quarter where I live becomes cleaner and brighter, God willing.

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