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A pragmatic cybernetic study of satirical expressions in Kufa Arts

The College of Arts – Department of English at the University of Kufa discussed a master thesis entitled as (a cyber-pragmatic study of satirical expressions in a selection of social media applications), by the student Muthanna Muhammad Hassan Abdul Rahman, and under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Hassan Hadi Mahdi Al-Kaabi.
The thesis (with distinction) reviewed communication skills between people, which are crucial in any social environment; to convey and exchange information with others, it is not only in face-to-face interactions, but also in the context of social media. It also involves understanding the culture and etiquette of each application, and adapting it to the most effective communication style for each application.
The aim of this study is to establish a cyber-pragmatic approach to satirical expressions in social media, using commentator cyber-pragmatic aspects and understanding satirical expressions in selected social media applications (YouTube, Twitter, TikTok), by conducting a cyber-pragmatic study of three social media applications (YouTube). , Twitter, TikTok) thus defining the cyber-pragmatic structure of the social media comments under analysis, and showing the most common cyber-pragmatic strategies that are used in social media for sarcastic expressions, empirically and computationally.
The study concludes that sarcastic expressions in social media comments are a highly developed linguistic construct that is more specifically perceived through a well-constructed pragmatic cybernetic construct that includes: conversational grammar, presuppositions, Yus classification, and relevance theory, in addition to sarcastic adjectives; Which includes irony, humor and exaggeration.

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