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College of Arts discusses a study on (beautification and dress-up among Muslims)

The College of Arts – Department of History at the University of Kufa discussed the master’s thesis in Islamic history entitled (Beauty and elegance among Muslims until the end of the Umayyad era – a historical study -) by the student Wathaq Muhammad Reda and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Haider Lafta Saeed Mal Allah.
The study – which received a very good and high rating – reviewed the concepts of (beauty and elegance) linguistically and terminologically, giving a comprehensive overview of them during the pre-Islamic era, and then moved on to beautification in the form (physically) in the era of the Prophet and the Rightly Guided Caliphate until the end of the Umayyad era.
  The study examined beautification for men and women. For men, it included taking care of hair (improving it), taking care of beards and trimming the moustache, dyeing the hair of the head and beards, taking care of the teeth and attaching them (straightening them) with gold, and beautification with kohl, anointing, and perfume, while for women, beautification included hair styling (styling). ) and dyeing it, and glazing and kohl, and applying it, polishing, tightening the teeth with gold, tattooing, anointing, and perfuming.
The study also touched on the prohibitions regarding beautification for both sexes, to address the prohibitions regarding beautification according to the hadiths of the Prophet (PBUH) and his family (PBUH). Then came the elegance of dress (clothes), jewelry, and footwear (for men and women).
The study also referred to dressing up in buildings from the era of the Prophet (PBUH) until the end of the Umayyad era, which included dressing up in public buildings such as, mosques, rulers’ palaces, and parks, and private buildings such as rest palaces, homes (residences), and private bathrooms, in addition to examining what is prohibited regarding dressing up. Also, by building according to what was reported on the authority of the Prophet (PBUH) and his family (PBUH).

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