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Department of Civil Society


The Civil Society Department seeks to consolidate the true knowledge of the society and strengthen relations with civil society organizations in Iraq by upgrading them with specialized staff of the department’s graduates for the coming years. The civil society department contributes to the promotion, protection and improvement of human rights.
Future Goals:
1 – Graduation of specialized scientific cadres of civil society issues in order to be supported and activate the real work of civil society organizations and their duties in order to promote popular participation and the dissemination of a culture of human rights and democracy.
2 – employ the potential of the graduates of the department and their skills to work in official institutions and semi-official, which concerns the issues of civil society.
3- Contributing to the dissemination of the culture of civil society through seminars, conferences, cultural seasons and publications carried out by the department.
4 – Working to address the problems of society and the dangers facing it
5 – Exchange of experiences and information with various civil institutions in order to develop the optimal formula for building a civilized Iraqi society
6- To develop channels of communication with international institutions in order to benefit from their expertise.
7 – Design and implementation of rehabilitation and training programs for students to raise their intellectual level and enhance their role in community building

The objectives of the civil society department are:
Preparing a generation specialized in civil society issues, in accordance with applicable legislation and laws and human rights principles, in order to meet the needs of the labor market and contribute to the service of the society and solving its problems, and contribute to the promotion of legal awareness and social justice; Civil society, providing them with qualified cadres of civil society activists, preparation of studies and academic research, outstanding programs and holding conferences, seminars, cultural seasons and what is issued by the department in the matter; Described as the major cultural value in this presence.
In light of the above, we can see the role of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa in the recruitment of the human sciences in the service of society and development and upgrading it at all levels; to prepare studies and research and graduate students specializing in these sciences in the two studies: primary and higher, in cooperation with state institutions and society; Contribute to solving the problems that can face development plans, whether related to the present or the future.

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