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Department of English Language

Vision :
        English language is a lingua-franca that has become the most prominent means of communication and globalization in the modern world. Therefore teaching English  provides English learners with:
  • The ability to stay up-to-date to the most recent scientific developments through activating the students’ skills of reading, analyzing and writing on the basis of recent sources inspired by the fast developing spirit of this age.
  • The facilities that enable the students of getting the aforementioned skills and improving them by the use of advanced technology.
  • The support and consolidation of scientific based academic researching efforts in a way that disseminates the culture of conducting sound and validated researching with established aims and outcomes.
Aims :
The DEL aims to fulfil the following aims:
  • Developing the intellectual analytical abilities of our students on an academic basis that serve humanity.
  • Producing researchers who are characterized by high efficiencies of accomplishing researches on practical and investigational bases.
  • Improving the students’ linguistic skills to qualify their academic performance that aims at satisfying the linguistic, literary, an translational needs of their societies.
  • Advancing a young generation of teachers and researchers with higher sense of academic and ethical responsibility and integrity.
  • Defining the commonalities and differences between Arabic and English cultures.
  • Mission :
     The DEL pursues meeting the requirements of the academic and researching institutions, as well as the workforce market by producing a generation of highly qualified teachers and researchers that possess a great deal of academic and linguistic abilities and ethical personalities. Armed with these high qualities, our gradates can improve and better the circumstances of their country.

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