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Department of the Arabic Language


1 – Mission of the department or vision / Development of intellectual and linguistic abilities that enable members of our community to communicate through the means of discourse between its components, and the use of civilized dialogue related to our Arab Islamic heritage and to a better future.
2. Objectives of the Section /
A – To preserve the integrity of the Arabic language as the language of the Holy Quran, and to confirm the crucial relationship between them, because the Holy Quran is the one who saved Arabic from loss, and the Arabic language enables us to stand on the secrets of the Koranic expression.
B) To contribute to the promotion of studies and research in various fields by seeking to be a clear and beautiful scientific language expressing ideas accurately.
(C) Graduation of researchers who have the ability to benefit the society through research and studies in order to provide science and culture.
D- Spread the culture of the Arabic language among the members of the society and emphasize the importance of taking care of it, because it represents the best way to know and preserve the heritage treasures.
C – Cultural and knowledge communication between universities inside and outside Iraq in order to keep abreast of the development witnessed by the world in various fields.

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