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Department of Geography

Vision, Mission and Goals of Geography Department
The vision of the department:
     The Department of Geography seeks to encourage and develop applied scientific research, and improve the educational process for teachers and students in line with scientific progress, according to the latest geographical curricula, and the continuous updating of educational programs and study materials periodically – to improve the quality of life and human behavior of society, and to achieve standards of quality and sustainable development academically, through Employing modern scientific techniques, developing creativity and enhancing the mechanisms of sound thinking for students, developing the spirit of teamwork for all, and contributing to meeting the needs of society and the labor market and solving their problems in cooperation with relevant institutions, by preparing trained and specialized researchers in various branches of geography, who are able to solve environmental problems community in order to achieve community development and well-being.
       The department also strives for twinning with the corresponding discreet scientific departments in Iraqi, Arab and international universities, through joint cooperation to increase the efficiency of teaching staff and achieve quality requirements, and to obtain advanced ranks in national, Arab and international classifications.
The message of the Department:
         Developing and encouraging geographical scientific research in accordance with modern technologies, through which it is possible to build outputs capable of dealing with the problems of society and the environment, and its sustainable development according to sound planning and specific time programs. Qualifying students academically and scientifically to meet the requirements of the labor market and society, advancing scientific research through cooperation and twinning with the corresponding Iraqi, Arab and international departments, applying quality standards and university performance to achieve the highest educational efficiency, in a way that establishes ethical values ​​in education and scientific research and serves the community.
The objectives of the Department:
      The department aims to prepare and graduate students and researchers who are able to conduct geographical studies and research, draw maps using modern technologies and analyze quantitative data in all fields of geography, and prepare functional and educational cadres for various institutions, and to compete in the labor market according to the skills of graduates, in line with the requirements of quality and academic accreditation.  .. Provided that these goals have scientific, social, cultural, economic, civilizational and developmental contents and dimensions in order to reach integration in his vision and scientific message.

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  1. Greetings, Admissions Committee.

    I hope you are doing well and reading this. I’m writing to convey my sincere desire to enroll in [University of Kufa] to pursue a M PHIL in Geography, as well as to learn more about the scholarships offered to new students.
    I have always found geography to be quite fascinating, and I am very motivated to further my study in this area. After looking at many universities, [University of Kufa] caught my attention in particular because of its esteemed geography department and the outstanding academic and research possibilities it provides.

    I would be very grateful if you could give me the following details so that I may use them to help with my application and financial planning:

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