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college of arts provide public access to buildings, monuments, or natural heritage landscapes of cultural importance

The Faculty of Arts contributes greatly to the support and marketing of archaeological monuments and medical heritage landscapes of cultural importance, especially that the province of Najaf is rich in many archaeological monuments and heritage landscapes of cultural importance. The Department of History has conducted many historical studies on antiquities …

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college of arts as an organization provide mentoring and peer support programs to support students, staff and faculty members

The College of Arts, through its administrative leadership and the Psychological and Educational Counseling Committee, always seeks to take care of students, employees, and faculty members with disabilities, present them to community leaders, and assign them to work assigned to others without disabilities, in a way that suits their capabilities …

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college of arts as a body have a non-discriminatory admission policy Or have appropriate affirmative action policies in admissions that are publicly posted

The College of Arts adopts a non-discriminatory admission policy among students and works to deal equally with everyone and provide opportunities for all students without discrimination according to the type of study or the role in which the student succeeded within the limits of the instructions issued by the Ministry …

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college of arts policy stressing that the building renovation and maintenance process must follow energy efficiency standards (referring to the relevant standards)

The Faculty of Arts formed special committees to implement plans during the summer vacation to maintain toilets, maintain green spaces, and maintain sewage and rainwater networks. The College of Arts always monitors the use of environmentally friendly devices and lighting, and recommends that its cadres make optimal use of energy …

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