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Our vision and mission


College of Arts endeavors to be one of National and International  leading colleges in scientific research and Sound thought serving the society.



The college supports the authentic and highly qualified research to be achieved by its academic staff, motivates its students to build a prominent scientific personality to act in building their society and satisfying its social, cultural and intellectual needs, establish  the appropriate tools of anti-violence policy and anti-infidelity charging, and then  to establish  civil co-existence in the Iraqi society.



  1. fulfilling the essential requirements for authentic scientific research.
  2. encouraging  International research publishing.
  3. developing (post) graduate curricula due to international quality assurance bases.
  4. enhancing scientific and intellectual creativity among academics and students, and consolidating authentic scientific research and its ethics.
  5. activating in – and out- class activities and volunteering acts in order to build social leading personalities.
  6. co-operating with other academic and governmental institutions and civil society organizations in order to knowledgeably participate in solving their problems and issues.
  7. strengthening a national culture based on democratic dialogue, co-existence and achieving social security.