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Rules and regulations

This department follows up the students` affairs; distributes them on the scientific departments at the beginning    of each year via applying the central admitting plan, issuing the certificate letters, graduation certificates and other administrative orders relating student’s affairs, following up the exam results in accordance with the scientific affairs and organizes the student’s files.
The required conditions for admitting and transformation among the scientific departments:-
*- The admitting is limited by the following conditions:-
1- The student should be obtained the secondary school certificate authenticated by the director general of education.
2- The student should be obtained the Iraqi identification certificate.
3- The student should submit a medical exam result authenticated by the authorized health directions.
4- The student should submit a residence card authenticated by the municipal council.
5- The student should submit a personal guarantee.
6- The student should submit (4) personal photographs.
The student should submit a C.D contains all the previous
7- Information.
*- For transformation among departments; the student should submit a request to the department head to obtain his opinion then the faculty approval to issue the administrative order. These procedures is restricted to the first year`s students (the new admitted, the failures and the postpones).