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The Faculty of Arts seeks to employ human sciences in the service of the community through the preparation of studies and research and the graduation of students specialized in these sciences in the primary and higher studies, in cooperation with the institutions of the state and the society; to contribute to solving the problems that can face development plans, Present or future.

He graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa since it was founded in 1987. It has more than 7,000 students in its six departments: Arabic, history, geography, philosophy, English and civil society. Efforts are being made to open a new section, the Media Section, which we hope will open in the next academic year. The duration of the study in these sections has been determined by four years to obtain a degree (bachelor) in the scientific disciplines mentioned above.

Conditions and controls required for admission to the college and the transition between its scientific sections

Select admission in the college with the following controls:

1- The student must have obtained the graduation certificate from the preparatory stage certified by the Directorate General of Education

2- He must have a certificate of Iraqi nationality

3- Submit a medical examination issued by the specialized health institutions

4- To submit a residence card or residence certificate authenticated by the municipal council

5. Provide personal guarantee

6 – to provide personal photos color number (4)

7. Submit a CD containing all the above information

* As for the transfer from one section to another is by submitting a request by the student to the head of the scientific section to express his opinion and then the section to which he wishes to move to express the opinion of the head of the section of the acceptance of the transfer from Aida and then the approval of the Deanship of the College on the origin of the request for the purpose of issuing an administrative order This should be done only for students of the first stage (newly admitted, retarded, deferred).